Michael Bisping blasts “pretender” Jake Paul & claims he’s dodging Anderson Silva

Michael Bisping and Jake Paul talking to cameraYouTube: Michael Bisping/Jake Paul

UFC legend Michael Bisping has hit back at Jake Paul’s conditions for them to fight, claiming the YouTuber should fight MMA icon Anderson Silva first as that’s an actual option on the table. 

Jake Paul is stepping back into the boxing ring in August, but as of now, he doesn’t have an opponent announced just yet. Though, he has been in a war of words with plenty of potential opponents including UFC legend Michael Bisping.

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The verbal, and virtual, jabs between the two have been pretty vicious to this point. Jake has repeatedly mocked Bisping’s long-standing eye injury, while ‘The Count’ has stated that it’d be an easy night’s work for him.

With the YouTuber urging the UFC legend to get a license so that they can make the bout happen, Bisping has clapped back at the number of hoops he is seemingly having to jump through.

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Jake Paul posing inside boxing gym with black hat onInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake has confirmed that he’ll be back in the ring in August.

After Jake wanted legal confirmation that Bisping is no longer under contract with the UFC, and therefore free to take on a boxing match, the Brit urged him to stop and just fight Anderson Silva instead.

“Jake ‘The Pretender’ Paul, first it was fight me, then was show me you can get licensed and now it’s show me you’re not under contract. Mate I wouldn’t give you the steam off my piss,” Bisping tweeted on April 20.

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“Just accept the Anderson Silva fight which I KNOW for a fact has been offered. Jake???”

While Jake didn’t offer up a response to Bisping’s post, his Most Valuable Promotions brand stepped in on his behalf, claiming that Dana White “controls” the former UFC champion.

“Important REMINDER JAKE fans: Tommy Fury and Anderson Silva are both fighting over the next 4 weeks,” they also said, defending the YouTuber from any claims that he might be dodging fights.

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At this point, it appears a fight between Jake and Bisping is unlikely to happen, but things can change quickly in the fight game.

His opponent for August is still up in the air, but the YouTuber has been adamant in wanting somebody who can match him in name value. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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