Jake Paul fires back at Michael Bisping with gruesome call-out for fight

Jake Paul and Michael Bisping side by side looking to cameras while talkingYouTube: Jake Paul/Michael Bisping

Jake Paul had an interesting response for Michael Bisping after the UFC legend accepted his fight offer and stated that he’d “love” to beat up the YouTuber. 

After a brief hiatus from actively boxing, Jake Paul is stepping back inside the ring in August for his sixth professional fight. Though, as of yet, he hasn’t announced an opponent.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has laid out a ‘hit list’ of potential opponents though, including the likes of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya. The boxing icons are also joined by former UFC champion Michael Bisping who, despite long-term injuries, is interested in squaring off against Jake.

After Jake laid out a “$1 million” offer to The Count, Bisping fired back, explaining that he’d take the fight but it’d have to be when he’s ready – which would require a few months of work in the gym.

Jake Paul with hand raised in boxing ringYouTube: DAZN/Jake Paul
Jake Paul has silenced all his critics so far in his boxing career.

Following on from that, Jake has hit back at the British fighter and taken umbrage with a few of the things Bisping said about him in his YouTube video accepting the fight.

“When I was crying earlier after he tweeted me, I was sobbing. Then I was like, ‘F**k,’ I started wiping my tears away with the $50 million that I made last year fighting,” Jake said on Twitter. “In my last fight, by the time Round 3 was over, I made more money than he did in his whole entire career.”

The 25-year-old then took aim at Bisping’s eye injuries by covering his own and referring to the UFC legend having half vision. “Does this mean you respect me Michael? I think it does!” added Jake. “You’re swallowing your own words, I want to swallow your eyeball.”

Jake also urged Bisping to find an athletic commission to license him so that the pair can eventually trade blows. However, as ‘The Count’ has noted previously, that may be difficult to do.

It remains to be seen if the pair will square off in Jake’s return to the ring, or if it’ll come later down the line. Though, there is clearly interest on both sides.