McDonald’s employee breaks TikTok with hilariously polite drive-thru service Crystal Jo / TikTok: kirstenbaker75

An Australian McDonald’s employee is taking TikTok by storm thanks to his hilarious — and extremely polite — way of informing a customer they’d missed the window for hotcakes.

Everyone hates rolling up to their favorite fast food restaurant, hoping to order their go-to meal combo, only to be told that the restaurant is out of that particular item.

This can hold especially true for certain mealtimes, usually breakfast, which many fast food joints only serve at certain times of the day — usually from early morning until lunchtime.

While this is a common occurrence, it stands to reason that employees might deal with the occasional disgruntled customer who’d rolled up just as breakfast was no longer being served… but luckily, one worker has found the perfect way to deal with this matter.

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A TikToker captured the hilarious exchange between their friend and a McDonald’s drive-thru employee.

McDonald’s worker goes viral for hilarious customer service skills

This was the case with an Australian couple who rolled up to the drive thru at their local McDonald’s when the driver asked the employee at the window if they had “hotcakes at this time?”

The worker’s response was nothing short of epic.

“I do regret to inform you that, due to recent changes in policy, we only do hotcakes between the hours of four AM and ten-thirty AM,” they said in a tone that suggested they were having a bit of fun with the whole ordeal.

TikTok customer service goes Jason Miraples
An Australian McDonald’s worker is taking over TikTok.

“I do apologize for being the bearer of bad news,” they continued. “Is there anything more I could assist with? Could I perhaps interest yourself or your co-conspirator with two cheeseburgers for the price of one?”

“No thanks,” the driver replied.

“How unfortunate,” the worker said, before informing the pair that their total was “three-thousand, three hundred eighty cents.”

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The TikToker recording the exchange was laughing throughout the entire video, which has now gone viral with over 1.4 million views. “The customer service is unmatched, someone promote this man,” she captioned the clip.

There’s no doubt that this McDonald’s worker certainly know how to handle customers — but they probably didn’t know they’d go viral for their customer service capabilities.

This is just the latest McDonald’s moment that’s taken over the app, after a TikToker revealed some unexpected items from the fast food chain’s menu in Italy.