Island Boys shock fans with hair transformation as iconic style gets chopped

Island Boys get new haircutTikTok, Instagram: flyysoulja

The Island Boys have officially chopped off their iconic hair, opting for a totally new look that’s making fans do a double-take.

Rap duo ‘the Island Boys’ first broke onto the scene late last year after their song of the same name took the internet by storm.

The track became an instant earworm that wiggled its way into everyone’s subconscious, sending the brothers to social media stardom — but not everyone was pleased by this turn of events.

Despite their fame, the two also incurred quite a bit of criticism, notably getting booed at their very first live performance and even finding themselves the target of thrown drinks at Jake Paul’s boxing rematch against Tyron Woodley.

Island Boys on InstagramInstagram: kodiyakredd
The Island Boys were, until recently, known for their unique hairstyle on top of their viral ‘Island Boy’ song.

Apart from their theme song, another feature that makes the rappers stand out is their appearance — most notably, their myriad of facial tattoos and their unique blonde hairstyle.

In fact, YouTube star Logan Paul asked the duo how they managed to style their hair in such a way, which they said was by using a crocheting hook.

Island Boys shock fans by cutting their hair

Months after reaching fame and fortune, the Island Boys have opted to get ‘the big chop,’ now boasting buzz cuts that give the two a totally different vibe.

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The sudden transformation has sparked quite a reaction from social media, with users giving their take on the new look.

“I’m sorry, but they remind me of the school detention table, ” one commenter joked.

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“Not as impactful without your signature hair,” another said.

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In fact, the Island Boys have already responded to a few negative comments about their latest style… one of which called the duo the ‘Coconut Boys.’

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For now, it looks like the rappers are turning a new leaf after the success of their ‘Island Boy’ song — a track they admitted to thinking was “trash” before it blew up.