McDonald’s drive-thru worker exposed by her own mom for bad customer service

Meera Jacka
McDonald’s drive-thru worker exposed by her own mom for bad customer service

This McDonald’s drive-thru worker might just want to work on her customer service skills after her own mom called her out for being rude and asked to speak to a manager.

Deciding to surprise her daughter working at McDonald’s, this mom got more than she anticipated after receiving some less-than-positive customer service at the fast-food chain.

Pulling up to the service window, Neesa, who goes by ‘neesa_red’ on TikTok, confronted her daughter about the “rude” service she received.

Neesa filmed the interaction, posting the hilarious clip to TikTok in a now-viral video.

“I’d like to speak to your manager,” Neesa can be heard saying in the TikTok.

Not taking her very seriously, her daughter bursts into laughter, replying simply with “$14.06.”

The two continue to go back and forth for a bit, with Neesa stating, “You were rude as hell taking my order, and that’s not how you do customer service.”

Still giggling — and looking slightly embarrassed to be called out – her daughter claims any interpreted rudeness was only because she couldn’t hear her mom’s order properly.

Mom calls out daughter for rude service at McDonalds drive thru
The TikToker’s daughter didn’t seem to take the threat of involving management too seriously.

While Neesa tries to give some helpful advice for future service, she is interrupted by her daughter hilariously asking, “Is that cash or card?”

With over five million views on TikTok, many loved and related to the cheeky mom-daughter interaction.

“It happens, as a McDonald’s employee so many things make us mad,” one commenter posted.

Another shared their own similar story, “I remember arguing with a customer when I was [a] teen, they pulled up and it was my aunt.”

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