Markiplier reveals the “unfair” amount of money he makes on YouTube

YouTube: Anthony Padilla

YouTube star Markiplier says his financial status changed dramatically after rising to internet stardom — so much so, that he calls it “unfair.”

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of the most prominent YouTubers today… and he has been for many years prior.

The 32-year-old YouTube star has been creating content on the video-sharing website since 2012. He is best known for his humorous gaming videos, and generally plays horror games like the ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ series while sharing his commentary.

Since his beginnings on the platform in 2012, Markiplier has witnessed a steady and meteoric rise to fame. He now boasts over 32 million subscribers and is often one of the first influencers to come to mind when folks are asked to name their favorite YouTuber.

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Markiplier says the amount of money he makes is unfairYouTube: Markiplier
Markiplier is one of YouTube’s most prominent creators.

Due to his status as a high-profile online celebrity, it’s easy to think that Fischbach is rolling in the dough… but Markiplier says that the sheer amount of wealth he’s accrued during his career is even more jaw-dropping than most people likely think.

“People don’t understand just how much money falls out of the YouTube bucket!” he exclaimed during a recent interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla. “It’s unfair.”

“I’m not trying to brag or anything,” he continued. “I’ve wrestled with this a lot over the years — just how much money I suddenly fell into. It messed with me. I knew what it was like to not have. And then suddenly, I had, way more than I ever needed. I was like, ‘What do people even do with this?'”

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Mark says that he gives a large portion of his superfluous income to charity — something he’s been known to do for years now, having orchestrated numerous charity live streams in the past.

Mark’s appearance on Anthony Padilla’s show follows the release of his interactive video series ‘In Space with Markiplier,’ Part 1 of which has accrued over 15 million views.