Man shocks viewers after revealing he left contacts in for three years

TikToker says he wore contacts for three years, shocking viewersTikTok: Catsupwithdoug

A man on TikTok has left viewers shocked after revealing he used a single pair of contacts for three years in a row from 2012 to 2015.

There’s no doubt that a large number of people worldwide need some sort of vision correction, whether they go with traditional glasses or contacts, or even opt to get Lasik surgery to correct the issue.

The first two options need to be handled with care, whether it’s making sure you don’t scratch your glasses or keeping your eyes from drying out by taking contacts out every night.

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TikToker Catsupwithdoug, on the other hand, has shared that he’s “not responsible enough” to have contacts after revealing he wore a pair for three years in a row.

TikToker left his contacts in for three years

Doug revealed his experience with contacts in an upload on April 24 that quickly went viral.

“I put on a pair of contacts in 2012 and I didn’t take them out until sometime in 2015. I mean I was sleeping in these things, never took them out,” he explained. “When I finally had an eye exam, my eye doctor didn’t yell at me but he did excuse himself from the room and go next door and yell in a way that I could hear every word.”

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“He came back in to tell me all the damage I’d done. Like some kind of build-up behind my eyelids, I developed permanent astigmatism, many things.”

Doug went on to reveal that he had to wear glasses for at least a year in order to ever wear contacts again, although he and his doctors came to the conclusion that he’s “not responsible enough” to go back to contacts.

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their own thoughts, with many of them being shocked at how long he kept them in.

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“HOW THOUGH. My eyes hurt if I accidentally nap in my contacts,” one user commented.

Another user said: “I take a 35-minute nap in mine and they feel like they’re glued to my eye. I can’t imagine 3 years.”

“As someone who feels their contacts every second when I have them in, I’m just completely flabbergasted,” a third TikToker replied.

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