Man learns about forgotten Britney Spears voicemail after hilarious call from Royal Navy

CallumTikTokBritneySpearsInstagram: BritneySpears/TikTok: Callumformby

A man on TikTok recently uploaded a video revealing that he got a phone call from a Royal Navy recruiter, who quickly reminded the man that his outgoing voicemail message was a Britney Spears clip.

Think of it now. You just got your first cell phone and you’re ready to customize it with custom ringtones and wallpapers while calling your best friend on it for the first time.

Another thing you may have customized is the message the people hear on your voicemail when calling — and you may have forgotten about it since then.

TikToker Callumformby did just that, and he was hilariously reminded about his Britney Spears voicemail clip after a recruiter for the Royal Navy gave him a call.

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Man forgets Britney Spears voicemail, gets called by Royal Navy

In a video uploaded on February 10, 2023, Callum recalled the seemingly embarrassing moment to his followers.

“So I’ve just remembered that time that I applied for the Royal Navy and I forgot I had Britney Spears as my voicemail,” he explained.

The video went on to play the clip of Britney he chose for the voicemail clip before cutting to the message left by the Royal Navy recruiter.

They said: “Good Afternoon, Britney. This is a message for Callum. If you could just pass it on to him to a, change his voicemail, and b, he could get in touch with the Royal Navy that’ll be most appreciated. Bye now.”

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on the clip and the response from the Royal Navy.

“He sort of passed the vibe check and then failed when he told you to change it,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “I had this in college and my job kept calling me one day and I was assuming I was in trouble but they just wanted to listen over and over lol.”

Many others simply shared that they were going to set their voicemail to the clip as well.

When Callum was asked whether or not he changed it as requested, he said: “Britney lives to slay another day.”

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