Ludwig, Valkyrae, Banks & more unhappy after Elon Musk changes Twitter verification

Valkyrae Ludwig Banks and more influencers speak out against Elon Musk twitter changesYouTube: 100 Thieves, Ludwig / Instagram: banks

Influencers aren’t happy with Elon Musk’s recent changes to Twitter’s verification system, with names like Ludwig, Valkyrae, and even FaZe Banks speaking out against the adjustments.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now the official owner of Twitter — and things are getting off to a rocky start.

Most notable among Musk’s changes to the popular social media platform is a massive shift in how ‘verification’ works. Previously, users would have to apply for verification, which would give them a blue checkmark denoting them as the legitimate owner of their account.

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This was generally reserved for public figures, companies, journalists, and the like — but with Musk’s new system in place, any user can purchase verification for $8 a month starting November 9 via Twitter Blue.

The Twitter Blue verification system did, however, denote whether or not users had purchased their checkmark or had been verified beforehand as an “official” account, but Musk quickly rolled back that decision.

That being said, many previously verified users are finding their ‘verified’ tab is now filled with new Twitter Blue subscribers and not their previously verified ‘mutuals.’

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Influencers speak out against Elon Musk’s new Twitter verification changes

Influencers are at the forefront of these changes, which have sparked some dissent among top streamers and content creators. YouTube star Ludwig was one of those to speak out against Twitter’s verification tweaks.

“I realize the only reason I liked the checkmark was because the verification tab acted like a mutuals tab,” he wrote. “Getting big likes is cool and all, but as a dude who plays video games in his basement most of the time, it’s nice to keep up relationships with friends I know.”

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Fellow streamer Valkyrae also expressed some confusion on the new verification changes, asking “Why [are] there a bunch of anime pfp accounts saying ‘Hey lol’ in my verified tab?!”

Even FaZe Banks spoke out on the matter, expressing some distaste at feeling as though his previously verified status doesn’t hold as much weight in light of the new Twitter Blue system.

“I’m not exactly sure what sparked your distaste for the OG blue check mark, but for some of us, it represented some level of achievement/ validation,” he said in response to Elon Musk. “Feels a little participation trophy-esque. I was told I was a loser / moron for playing video games and tweeting so much. This helped.”

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For now, it’s clear that a lot of influencers aren’t happy with Musk’s changes to Twitter as the platform continues to evolve under its new ownership.

These are just the latest big names to speak against Twitter’s verification system after Doja Cat asked Elon Musk to change her name back when she called herself ‘Christmas’ in celebration of the holidays.