Ludwig surprises best friend Slime with brand-new car for his birthday

ludwig slime carUnsplash: Wassim Chouak / Twitch: Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren’s generosity truly knows no bounds, as the Twitch streamer gifted friend Anthony ‘Slime’ Bruno a brand-new Subaru for his 31st birthday.

Ludwig has continued to produce top-quality content after finishing his legendary subathon, where he streamed for a total of 31 days and broke the record for most subscribers in Twitch history.

In the aftermath, Ludwig was widely praised for donating most of the money he earned to charity and to his moderators, who kept his chat clean and well-informed throughout the feat. Slime also played his part, sometimes taking over the stream when Ludwig needed a break.

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Now, in celebration of Slime’s 31st birthday, Ludwig gave him a brand-new grey Subaru sports car, and he was left in absolute shock.

Ludwig TwitchTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

On his April 30 Twitch stream, Ludwig took Slime on a tour to his garage, where he unveiled the slick new Subaru WRX STI, which has a mouth-watering top speed of 174 mph.

Slime was almost speechless, and on the verge of tearing up. “Is this for real?” he asked.

Ludwig explained he had a nightmare trying to acquire the car in time for Slime’s birthday due to all the paperwork required. “Why can you go into Walmart and get a gun, but when you walk into a car dealership they say ‘sign here, sign there’?” he joked.

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Slime and Ludwig go way back as friends, having met at a Smash Melee tournament back in 2017. They went on to commentate on esports tournament Smash the Record later that year, and their chemistry was instantly evident.

However, the fun could have been over before it even began, as Slime hadn’t used a stick gearbox for years and struggled to get the car out of the garage. Ludwig had to instruct him on how to put it into reverse. Fortunately, Slime was able to get the car out of the garage without a scratch.

But one thing’s for sure: Ludwig will have a hell of a task on his hands to get a better present for him next year.

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