Ludwig says streamers make way more money than big YouTubers: “it’s not close”

Connor Bennett
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Streaming star Ludwig believes Twitch streamers make “way more money” than some of the biggest YouTubers around after he spoke to a handful on each side.

When content creation started becoming a legitimate career path for many, most people would have said that it was YouTube that they wanted to make it big on. Though, that’s changed slightly over the last few years.

Now, budding internet personalities are more likely to go into streaming – either on Twitch, YouTube, or even Facebook – to try and hit it big and cultivate a massive following.

Doing either is still pretty difficult, but is incredibly lucrative. According to Ludwig, though, the success of streamers dwarves that of its YouTuber counterparts, even if they manage to break into the upper echelons of the Google-owned platform.

Ludwig says streamers make “way more money” than YouTube stars

The former Twitch star appeared on HasanPiker’s Fear& podcast alongside WillNeff and CDawgVA, as he spoke about his recent trip to YouTube’s creator summit.

“Dude, you know what actually what I discovered, and it was mindblowing because I talked to all these huge YouTubers, much bigger than me, and afterward I spoke to all the streamers and we came to the same conclusion,” Ludwig said.

“Streamers make way, way more money than huge YouTubers, and it’s not close, it’s not close.”

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The four-man roundtable discussed the advantages of doing YouTube rather than streaming, seeing as you have a bit more time to yourself.

“It (streaming) gives up a lot more time but, no offense, even Leslie’s (Fuslie) dumb ass was making more than like a lot of the 10 million subscribed-to people like a Matt Stoney,” Ludwig added.

Of course, getting to the top of the pile in either choice requires a bit of luck and a substantial work effort – there are rarely many overnight successes anymore. So, even if you’re looking to strike it rich, it will take time.

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