Dream trolls Kaceytron after she admits to cheating in Mizkif’s Twitch show

Image of Dream next to image of Kaceytron in a YouTube videoInstagram: dreamwastaken / YouTube: Kaceytron

Fans were baffled after YouTuber Dream responded to Kaceytron’s cheating confession with a joke about his own Minecraft cheating scandal, following previous beef between the streamer and Dream’s stans.

Back in March, streamer Kaceytron found herself the target of countless Dream stans, after she called out people for not holding their content creators accountable for “gay-baiting” among other things.

Fans then started to look through her old tweets and content and “weaponize” it against her, as some believed that her comments were about Dream and GeorgeNotFound stans.

While Dream said that “I denounce all hate for anybody, anybody at all,” some of Kacey’s accounts even went on to get banned as a result of mass reporting from fans.

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Now the two creators have surprised fans in an unexpected Twitter encounter.

On May 13, Kacey revealed to her fans that she had cheated in Mizkif’s Twitch show, letting viewers know that she had apologized and refunded the money.

She continued: “Cheating isn’t fun and ruins things, it also sets a bad precedent for more to do the same thing,” adding that she’s, “sorry for disappointing you guys. At least I didn’t hire a team of scientists.”

The scientist comment appears to be a reference to Dream’s cheating scandal, in which he was accused of cheating in his Minecraft speedrun record, and went on to hire scientists to attempt to prove that everything was above board.

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Dream then surprised everyone by replying: “And that day, Kaceytron hated Dream stans so much that she became one. Even going as far as trying to imitate his past controversies, she became what she despised.”

Fans of both creators were thoroughly confused, but no one seemed as confused as Kacey herself who said, “Dream, I’m too high for this, I can’t rn… is this real?”

The throwback to Dream’s cheating drama and the beef between Kacey and his stans largely seemed to entertain Twitter users, who didn’t expect that combination to pop up on their timeline.

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