Ludwig defends the most bullied creator on TikTok: “Its gone too far”

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Ludwig has moved to defend one of the most bullied TikTokers around, Bentellect, saying that it’s all gone too far.

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen some sort of bullying or even just friendly banter going on between different creators. If you’re not on TikTok, you’ve likely seen something similar on just about every other social media platform.

In the case of Bentellect – a creator on TikTok with over 8.2 million followers who’s known for his over-reaction to “meme” tweets – he has faced some harsh online bullying in recent times, prompting some of the biggest creators around to respond.

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During a YouTube video from Ludwig, on August 11, the YouTuber shines a light on the TikTok creator. He claims that reactions to Bentellect’s videos are getting out of hand, with video replies including screenshots from horror movies paired with deep voice filtered phrases along the lines of “I’m in your closet” and “I can hear your heartbeat”.

Ludwig reacts to Bentellect TikTok bullying

In his August 11 upload to YouTube, titled “The most bullied man on Tik Tok…,” Ludwig starts off by saying: “History remembers the day that Ludwig bullied Dream, but now it’s gone too far.”

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The YouTuber, referencing the time he bullied Dream – a masked Twitch streamer – into revealing his identity.

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TikTok is a video-sharing focused social networking service known for its short-form video content.

Going on in his video, he explains that he keeps seeing negative posts directed at a single TikTok creator named Bentellect. As Ludwig goes on in his video he states that it is not just the TikTok creator’s reaction to the tweets in his videos that catches everyone off guard, it’s how easy it is to make Ben laugh.

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The YouTuber said: “It’s been interesting to see how people are critiquing Ben regurgitating content” before cutting over to examples of the demonic replies. After showing the replies, Ludwig goes on to question whether or not Bentellect is actually seeing these replies, and how they may be affecting him.

Ludwig then cuts over to a reply video posted by Ben on August 11. In the video, the TikTok creator proceeds to respond to comments like “Look out the Window” and “I’m under your bed Benjamin” without any noticeable reaction before opening his cupboard to reveal a stuffed monster, running away yelling: “sheesh”.

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Learn more in the video below.

Who is Bentellect?

On TikTok’s For You Page, it shows a curated feed of videos that may interest you. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this creator before, that may be why. With over 8.2 million followers on the platform, Bentellect still has a fairly wide reach that allows him to show up on the majority of viewers’ pages.

The quality of his content raises a few questions: Why does Bentellect react to tweets the way he does? Is his laugh genuine or purposely overdone for reactions? Is the internet doing exactly what he intended?

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Only Ben knows the honest answers to these questions, but while digging through his TikTok profile we found this video.

The video, uploaded August 12 and captioned “secrets out” raises one more major question… Are we all falling for a musician’s marketing scheme?

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