Twitch streamer goes viral after uncovering disgusting bug hiding in headset

Sam Comrie. Last updated: Sep 05, 2021
Twitch: SloppyWalrusX, Katja Schulz

Twitch streamer SloppyWalrusX is always entertaining audiences with League of Legends gameplay. However, one audience member in particular wasn’t exactly human.

Streaming League of Legends brings a high stakes intensity at the best of times. What might start out as a casual session, will almost always evolve into flat-out warfare. That’s just the way it goes.

However, when you’re live on Twitch, there are a few things to be wary of. Trolls might try and stream snipe you or get to make a classic slip up and quit by mistake.

Yet, for League of Legends Twitch streamer SloppyWalrusX they got a different kind of stream sniper – the creepy-crawly kind.

League of Legends Lux Cosplay
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Lux is a popular champion in League of Legends.

Just earwigging the session

Providing his Twitch viewers with some prime entertainment, it was full steam ahead for SloppyWalrusX. Yet, something wasn’t quite right as the stream went on. Could it be a technical fault or maybe a bit of stream fatigue was setting in? No, this surprise crawled in from somewhere else.

Upon inspection of his headset, the streamer found something more than just high-fidelity sound. A literal earwig was waiting behind his earcup. Clearly taking a liking to the warmth of a cozy League of Legends stream, the little guy had set up camp. Who knows how long the insect had been there?.

“Yeah…Oh my god, what the f*ck!” the streamer cried out upon the strange discovery. “There’s a bug in there! There’s a bug in there,” he continued to clarify to his viewers after some confusion.  He started to make more close-quarters contact with the bug: “Can you see it? It’s moving,” he said, showing it to his audience.

After removing the bug safely and releasing it back into the wild, SloppyWalrusX concluded the scenario to his fans: “I told you I wasn’t crazy!”

Make sure you check your headsets regularly, who knows whats crawling around in there.