Logic reveals how he accidentally trolled police when H3H3 were swatted

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During the August 20 episode of the H3 Podcast, retired rapper Logic revealed an insane story about how he mistakenly trolled the police while H3H3 were being swatted at their home. 

The streamer – whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – retired from his music career in July after signing a multi-million dollar deal with Twitch.

During his appearance on the H3 Podcast, the star opened up to viewers about how he mistook the police for a prank call while hanging out with the hosts.

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YouTube: H3 Podcast
The retired rapper was a guest on the August episode of the H3 Podcast.

Logic reveals H3H3 swatting story

While visiting the H3 Podcast, Logic revealed that he was with hosts Ethan and Hila Klein when they were swatted back in 2019. The star told viewers that the comedic duo were actually at his movie theater when it had happened.

“You were in my theater, and the funny part that people don’t realize is that you were in my theater and you got a phone call from a random number. And you were not gonna answer it. So I was like let me answer it,” he said.

The Twitch streamer then explained how he didn’t believe it was the police calling. “I answered and I’m like “HELLO?” and they’re like “This is the police!” and I’m like “YEAH, F**K OFF!” and I’m like telling the police to go like f**k themselves because we like think somebody leaked your number or something.”

(Topic starts at 15:36)

Hila jumped in and clarified that the policemen that had called also sounded young. “The officer sounded like a kid too, we really thought we were just being pranked by kids,” she explained.

This isn’t the first time the YouTubers have opened up about being swatted, as during an October 2019 episode of their podcast, the duo revealed how stressful and traumatizing it was for their family.

The revelation that they were with Logic during the incident is another layer to the already crazy story. While it was an awful situation, the podcast hosts can now laugh at the retired rapper’s honest mistake.

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