Logan Paul called out for “ripping off” Shane Dawson’s docuseries

Shane Dawson, Logan Paul - YouTube

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has finally teased his Flat Earth documentary – but one creator is accusing him of ripping off another popular YouTuber in the space.

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Ethan Klein of comedy duo H3H3 compared Paul’s upcoming documentary to those of popular YouTuber Shane Dawson, notable for his videos over YouTube celebrities (and, more recently, conspiracy theories).

Klein pointed out the dramaticized seriousness of Paul’s Flat Earth trailer, likening it to the somber tone of Dawson’s own series – made popular by his doc over Logan’s younger brother, Jake Paul.

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“It’s so cringey because it’s trying so hard to be Shane,” Klein said of the teaser. “… He’s just so blatantly ripping off Shane. It’s embarrassing, bro. Don’t try to pretend you’re a documentarian all of the sudden.”

He went on to poke fun at Paul’s alleged relationship with Australian model Casey Boonstra, calling their romance “faked” for the camera.

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“There’s a cute, Flat Earther that he falls in love with,” Klein continued. “It’s so fake. Everything is so fake.”

While Paul made no mention about his own beliefs regarding the Flat Earth theory, he made sure to tease the possibility during a podcast with the Corridor Crew in late January, claiming that he “became one” with the org in order to film the documentary.

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“We joined their movement and picked their brains about why they think the earth is flat,” Paul said of the project. “…“You two could be sitting in front of a flat earther right now. Who knows?”

Paul’s ‘THE FLAT EARTH: To The Edge and Back’ documentary is set to release on March 20, 2019.