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Entertainment • Mar 16, 2019

YouTube tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste accused of sending inappropriate messages to underage fans

YouTube tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste accused of sending inappropriate messages to underage fans
Romeo Lacoste, Instagram / Twin Design, Shutterstock

While tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste might be known for his work with celebrities and internet stars, recent allegations point to a darker side of the YouTuber than his channel suggests.


Messages between 30-year-old Lacoste and two underage female fans (aged 14 & 15) surfaced on March 15, in which the artist sent messages detailing explicit sexual acts and alcohol consumption.

According to one of the girls in question, she and a group of other fans had made a group chat called “Romeo’s Fruitcups” in 2016, after which she took note of the way Lacoste would speak to her over social media.


The poster, going by the Twitter handle “yellowchair,” then decided to create a separate account to test Lacoste’s true intentions - which resulted in a slew of inappropriate messages.

“By the time you leave, you’ll have a tummy full of cum and alcohol,” Lacoste wrote in one message. “I bet you get super slutty when you’re drunk.”


The poster went on to claim that Lacoste knew that she and the other fan were underage, and even wanted the two to make a “dirty group chat” for himself and others.

Lacoste has since deleted his Twitter account in light of the allegations, although his YouTube channel and Instagram account (each with over one million subscribers) remain live.


Lacoste has tattooed a number of notable celebrities, including the likes of rapper Kendrick Lamar, popular YouTuber Tyler Oakley, Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue, and even Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, among others.

He has yet to make a statement on the matter via his existing social media accounts.

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