Logan Paul trailer looks set to confirm he's a Flat-Earther

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has been teasing his documentary over the Flat Earth theory for some time - and a new trailer for the doc could hint that he’s fallen into the Flat Earth fold.


Paul uploaded a trailer for the documentary on March 10, where he appeared to legitimately question the Earth’s shape after attending the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado.

“It’s tough because you’ve been told something your whole life and you believe a certain way, right?” Paul asked in an emotional clip from the video. “...I just don’t know what to believe anymore.”



The trailer likewise teased a deeper look into his short-lived relationship with Australian model Casey Boonstra, who sparked romance rumors after Paul was spotted holding hands with her at the Conference in November of 2018.

Previous statements from Paul hint that his appearance at the Conference was an undercover operation, as told to YouTube production group ‘The Corridor Cast’ during a podcast in late January.

Hollywood Life
Hollywood Life
Logan Paul was seen holding hands with Australian model Casey Boonstra at the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado - but his new documentary trailer could hint that the relationship was completely faked.


“We joined their movement and picked their brains about why they think the earth is flat,” Paul said of the project. “Then, [we] came to conclusions of our own, which you’ll see in the documentary.”

While Paul didn’t confirm his beliefs on the Flat Earth theory, he made sure to tease listeners with the possibility that he might ascribe to the movement - which has been further hinted at, thanks to his most recent trailer for the video.


“You two could be sitting in front of a flat earther right now,” he continued. “Who knows?”

Paul’s ‘THE FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back’ documentary is set to release on March 20, 2019.