Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda confused by “pog” in Twitch chat


Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda showed that he was a Twitch noob during an April 2 stream where he seemed confused over the term “pog.”

The 43-year-old artist, who had been with the band since 1996, was playing around with Music Maker when he suddenly started to interact with his viewers.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked everyone in attendance. “What’s up, you guys?”

Mike Shinoda is new to Twitch.

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While the chat filled with traditional responses to the question, one user piqued Mike’s interest by replying “pog.”

“Somebody said ‘pog,’” the said, unsure what to think. “I don’t know if that is an answer to my question. I don’t know if ‘pog’ is an appropriate response. We feeling good, though?”

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According to the third-party stat-tracking site TwitchMetrics, Shinoda had only joined twitch on March 27, 2020 so clearly he wasn’t up-to-date with all the lingo yet.

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“Does that have a meaning?” he asked. “Is that really a thing? What does that mean?”

Pog is short for the emote “PogChamp” and is meant to convey excitement. The emote features streamer Gootecks making a surprised face and has become one of the most popular phrases on Twitch.

Strangely, the artist didn’t Google the term and instead went back to working on his stream setup and open the chat up more.

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Mike Shinoda had no idea what “pog” meant.

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Another user was probably new to Twitch too as they commented “prog?” which got the attention of Shinoda.

“Oh, prog!” he laughed. Prog is short for progressive music and is its own type of genre.

“Did you mean prog? Feel like that’s how doge started,” he laughed, referencing the popular Shiba Inu dog meme. “Somebody meant to write ‘dog’ and it was ‘doge.’”

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Pog or prog, in the end, it didn’t matter because the Linkin Park star decided to move on and continue with his music.

“Pog is my new genre,” he joked.

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Shinoda isn’t the only artist to be confused by the word, though. Producer and songwriter Kenny Beats also voiced confusion over the term during one of his first streams.

As strange as the whole situation was, hopefully, the new streamer gets the hang of the platform and continues to entertain us with some incredible tunes.