Lil Yachty randomly calls out TikTok star Larray in bizarre beef

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Lil Yachty poses in front of a black car, and Larray leans against a desk in a classroom
YouTube/Instagram: Larray/lilyachty

2021 is off to a tumultuous start, with some fresh tea already brewing in the kettle between YouTuber Larray and rapper Lil Yachty on Twitter. 

In a now-deleted tweet, YouTuber Larold ‘Larray’ Ahmed Saddam Aziz Merritt, and rapper Miles Parks McCollum — known professionally as ‘Lil Yachty’ — look to be dealing with some beef.

Where the issues came from is anybody’s business, with the feud seeming to have materialized out of thin air.

Larray deletes Tweet

In the deleted Tweet, American social media star Larray previously stated “you mad I made it on Billboard this year and you didn’t,” prompting rapper Yachty to respond with “Oh, but I definitely did sis, and more than once.”

Lil Yachty responds to Larray rebutting his claims about Billboard
Twitter: lilyachty / larrayxo
Both stars have appeared on Billboard’s charts in 2020.

For context, the TikTok star debuted at 81 on Billboard in 2020 when he released his song ‘Cancelled,’ which dealt with the current wave of social media stars that have received backlash from the internet.

He directly referenced controversies surrounding celebrities such as Jeffree Star, James Charles, Shane Dawson & Tana Mongeau. In comparison, Lil Yachty debuted more than once on Billboard in 2020, with songs such as ‘Oprah’s Bank Account’ and ‘T.D’ featuring icons such as Drake, DaBaby & Tyler, The Creator.

Lil Yachty hits back

Another now-deleted Tweet features three selfies of Larray, with a caption stating that he might be leaving his iconic headband behind as we head into the new year.

Usually seen wearing a headband around his forehead, Larray is seen without one in the deleted photos. In a response that’s now also deleted, the rapper rebutted this hairstyle by posting a photo of ramen noodles.

Ramen noodles shared by Lil Yachty in response to Larray tweet
Twitter: lilyachty/larrayxo
The rapper compared the YouTube star’s hair to ramen noodles.

Fans of both sides have been quick to respond to the comments, with a slew of responses appearing beneath the rapper’s tweets.

One shocked Tweeter stated that they were able to see the resemblance, but showed praise for the star’s hairstyle by stating “where is my natural curly hair gang at?”

One fellow commenter stated that they liked the YouTuber star too much retweet the dig, but would be lying if they personally didn’t see the resemblance.

Whether this beef will go anywhere or not is yet to be seen. Dexerto will be watching, and we’ll will be sure to report on any new surfacing drama. For more influencer news, head over to our dedicated hub.

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