Lil Tay claims her father abused her and reveals details behind death hoax

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Lil Tay comeback death hoaxLil Tay

Lil Tay was making headlines when a death hoax she claims was orchestrated by her father set the world alight, and she alleged that her father abused her leading up to the death hoax following a cryptic series of Instagram livestreams.

Lil Tay promised a livestream that’d discuss the hoax involving her death. However, in lieu of that livestream, she instead began marketing a brand-new single, Sucker 4 Green.

Many of her fans are elated to see her doing well and back to making music as she was before, but some others are a bit more skeptical.

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Considering her first livestream consisted of her playing the piano and didn’t involve her discussing the details behind the death hoax, some believed at first that they’d been duped and that she’s used the situation to help promote her music. The cryptic series of livestreams left many skeptical.

However, Tay came through and provided more details about her turbulent relationship with her father and alleged that she was abused by him in numerous ways.

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Lil Tay drops Sucker 4 Green as her first single in years

The return of Lil Tay has been explosive, with her Instagram post talking about her new music gaining tens of thousands of likes in a matter of minutes.

Considering how many were concerned for her safety earlier this year, her having such a return to form has fans of her music elated. However, some are a bit more skeptical.

Though she’s gained a lot of attention from hyping up a livestream exposing everything that happened, some feel a bit betrayed by her using the hype to drop a new track.

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Some commentors on Instagram claimed she must have been “cloned” or that AI is involved, seemingly still convinced that this isn’t Lil Tay after all. Others were begging her to go live to prove that she is, in fact, real.

She would go live, but not in the way many were thinking. Instead of discussing the situation, she put up a cryptic livestream that showed her playing a song on the piano and nothing else.

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“Girl u wasted my damn time.” commented one user on instagram. People clearly felt betrayed.

“U DID NOT JUST END THE LIVE LIKE THAT.” commented another user. Fans of hers clearly wanted answers, and she didn’t give any. At least, not in her first video.

Yet another video has gone live, one that shows her playing the guitar instead. She was playing over a Metallica song in the live video and is rapidly switching instruments as the stream goes.

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Ultimately, Lil Tay gave viewers the answers they were looking for.

Lil Tay claims her father abused her ahead of death hoax

After this bizarre string of livestreams, she put her father, Chris Hope, on blast and claimed that he abused her as a child. Lil Tay claimed that her father was having relations with a woman while she was in the same room and that her father was hooking up with random women “all the time” that he found on Craigslist.

The Instagram influencer also claimed that Hanee Hope, the woman who is still with her father, is a “scammer” and that her father normalized “inappropriate sexual behavior” and doing the “most out of pocket sexual s*** in front of me”.

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She also claimed that physical abuse was “common” in her household and that her parents traumatized her, forcing her to watch horror movies at a young age while putting her in a “chokehold” and locking her in a closet.

Additionally, Tay claimed that her mother was bragging about having expensive handbags while she didn’t have proper clothes to wear. She went on to call Hanee a “gold-digging b****” and alleged that her father owes her over $250,000 in child support, something substantiated by court orders for her father to pay approximately $275,000 in child support.

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Lil-Tay-gets-real-with-her-viewersLil Tay got real with her fans in an Instagram livestream.

She went on to call out anyone who claimed to be her manager, saying that Chris Hope was working with a “con artist”. The con artist in question was the one who helped orchestrate the hoax according to the musician as she claimed that she’s never had a manager.

Additionally, Tay alleged that they set up a crypto coin surrounding her “death” and that her father was trying to profit off of creating a death hoax by developing and cashing in on a crypto scheme.

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That said, Tay had praise for her mother and claimed that Chris Hope, her “abusive absentee father” in her words, abused both of them. “My mom spent all of her life’s savings in court, all of her life’s savings to support me, and we won.” Tay boasted.

Lil Tay concluded by expressing that she wants to just be done with all of it and is ready to get on with her career. “I’m free now. I just dropped my music video. I’m ready to move on, I’m done with this.”

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