Lil Nas X crashes Twitch streamer’s IRL broadcast in Japan

Lil Nas XTwitch: TazoLIVE

Popular rapper Lil Nas X crashed a Twitch streamer’s IRL broadcast after the creator found the star walking the streets of Japan.

Over the last few months, an increasing number of Twitch streamers have found their way to other countries and events, often broadcasting their IRL adventures in the process.

Interactions during these IRL streams can vary, whether the creator comes across a familiar face or has someone in the background doing “NPC animations.

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Twitch streamer TazoLIVE learned this in the best way possible, as celebrity rapper Lil Nas X crashed his broadcast after seeing him walking the streets of Japan.

Lil Nas X crashes Twitch streamer’s broadcast in Japan

On December 10, Tazo was IRL streaming in Japan when he learned Lil Nas X was at a nearby club. As he approached the club and spotted the rapper walk out, he came across a familiar face and struck up a conversation.

Seconds later, Lil Nas X walked up and addressed the stream: “Sup Twitch? Twiiiitch.”

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TazoLIVE attempted to give the celebrity a gift, but he politely declined as he didn’t want to carry it around to other clubs.

The Twitch streamer continued exploring Tokyo with his community on stream, taking the time to interact with others both IRL and on stream.

However, Lil Nas X and everyone else presumably went on to find their way to the next club to continue their night out.

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