IRL stream sniper keeps sneaking onto live Twitch broadcasts with hilarious NPC animations

andy milonakis twitch sniper

An IRL stream sniper has returned to Andy Milonakis’ Twitch broadcast a year after his first appearance with even more hilarious NPC animations.

Andy Milonakis is an American comedian best known for his self-titled sketch show, The Andy Milonakis Show. But in recent years, the TV star has become a notable streamer on Twitch.

The 46-year-old normally streams IRL content, hanging with friends or traveling to different countries. Most recently, Milonakis has ventured to Greece, taking his chat with him as he streams his trip.

Around a year ago, Milonakis also took his Twitch channel on the road to the same country. There, he was stream sniped by a passerby who ‘t-posed’ in the street while Andy ate his meal. Now, the Greek man has returned for even more stream-sniping shenanigans.

IRL stream sniping NPC returns

On August 8, Andy Milonakis was streaming at a seaside restaurant in Crete when a familiar face appeared in the background. Wearing the same shirt, shorts, and shoes as in his first appearance, the NPC stream sniper was back.

This time he ‘t-posed’ behind Andy before performing a few more NPC-like gestures. He ran into the guard rail’s fictitious hitbox, attempted to jump over it with a perfect GTA 5 animation, and then walked away without ever addressing the streamer.

While this was happening, Milonakis stated, “It’s ‘t-pose’! You guys were right. I thought you were kidding. Everybody warned me that he was coming.”

It was clear from his chat’s reaction that they couldn’t believe the stream sniper returned. While the friends that were with Milonakis seemed confused as to what had just happened, Andy and his chat seemed elated.

Hopefully, Milonakis and this NPC will cross paths in the future. Who knows, maybe the two will actually exchange a few words next time ‘t-pose’ seemingly glitches out.