LeafyIsHere hits back at critics celebrating his YouTube departure


During his May 15 upload, Calvin ‘LeafyIsHere’ Vail roasted critics who celebrated his absence from the platform since 2017. The YouTuber mocked them as “Walmart quality Content Cops.”

In 2014, reaction channels began to take YouTube by storm. Leafy was one of the most popular channels in the genre, as his brutal commentary mocking subjects became a hit. However in 2017, the personality disappeared from making uploads.

However, the star made his triumphant return in March to take down Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Carter, after the Content Cop creator became embroiled in “simp” drama involving his girlfriend. Now, he’s hitting out at his peers who celebrated his absence.

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YouTube: LeafyIsHere
The reaction personality was wildly popular in 2016.

Leafy mocks critics who celebrated his absence 

In the YouTuber’s latest upload, he featured a compilation of clips of his peers making commentary videos about him. Creators such as ImAllexx and H3H3 are shown celebrating his departure from the platform in the past.

The reaction channel personality responded to the criticism, arguing, “Got to love people like this, that make it out like there’s some sort of tier list of intellectual humor on YouTube. Every time they list the same s**t!”

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Leafy then argued that these critics always judge people based on perceived effort. “It always boils down to this video just doesn’t have enough effort put into it. If you want higher quality, go turn on your f**king TV.”

He then argued that some viewers come to YouTube to relax. “Seriously, it’s YouTube. This movie critic bulls**t is SO LAME on many levels. People are here to relax and have fun.” He then called the criticism “overzealous bulls**t”.

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(Timestamp 01:01 for mobile users.)

The popular content creator explained in the past that he left the platform due to Google’s increasingly strict policies – which demonetized reaction channels and edgy content.

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This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has jabbed back at a critic. On April 12, he responded to H3H3’s comments about him on their podcast. The personality hit out at Ethan Klein, exclaiming, “You are a fat f**king disgusting piece of s**t.”

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Leafy’s latest video featured critics asking whether anyone would really care if he returned. However, judging by his latest uploads viewership numbers, it appears the answer is yes. The personality has continued to pull in millions of views a video.

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