Kylie Jenner goes viral on TikTok after pranking Kris and Kendall with popular filter

Kris and Kendall with viral TikTok filterTikTok: kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner has gone viral on TikTok after using the viral ‘shook filter’ on Kris and Kendall, with fans absolutely loving the hilarious video.

TikTok has millions of users who regularly post content on the short-form video app, and this includes a number of different celebrities and stars who like to share videos with their fans via the popular platform.

This includes Kylie Jenner, who has over 40 million followers on the app, and a total of 563 million likes. There, she shares videos from the lives of her and her family, and her clips often garner millions, if not tens of millions of views.

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In May, Kylie posted a video of someone using the viral ‘shook filter’ from Snapchat on Kylie, which has been doing the rounds on TikTok lately and promoting thousands of videos.

Clearly amused, she decided that she would prank her family by putting the filter on an unsuspecting Kendall and Kris. Neither seemed to know what was so funny at the time of filming, which just makes this take on the viral trend even funnier.

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Fans loved the video using the popular Snapchat filter, and immediately shared their appreciation for the clip in the comments.

“More unscripted and fun and casual. I love this side of you guys,” one comment read. “Kris Jenner looks stressed,” read another, with over 33,000 likes.

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Another fan said, “Kendall scared me,” in a comment that received 80,000 likes. Many also revealed how happy they are that Kylie is being more active on TikTok lately, posting a range of different short videos to her account.

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At the time of writing, Kylie’s video has 5 million likes and over 22 million views, proving just how much fans loved seeing the family jump on this viral trend.

TikTok has seen a number of filters from Snapchat go viral recently, with the shook filter joining the hugely popular crying filter that people were using to prank their friends and family.