Kylie Jenner lactates on her shirt while calling out haters in viral TikTok

Kawter Abed

Kylie Jenner went viral on TikTok after lactating on her shirt while calling out haters who accused her of trying to be relatable.

The makeup mogul noticed her breast milk seeping through her shirt while filming a TikTok video to call out critics who claimed she was trying to seem “relatable.”

“Oop! Looks like I’m lactating,” Kylie said just a few seconds into the viral video with almost 5 million views, while pointing to a visible stain on her chest.

She then went on to address the critics who accused her of pretending to be relatable despite being rich, after sharing a video in which she accidentally dropped her phone while filming in her car, let out a small scream, before proceeding to film her lip blush review.

“Last time I did a TikTok in the car… it seemed to just piss some people off,” she said while filming herself sitting in her luxury SUV. “I think some people thought that it was, like, fake or that I really don’t drive myself, which is just silly.”

“So, I was thinking we can start a series called ‘Kylie in the Kar,'” she said.

The ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ founder ended her video by saying, “I’m going to go maybe change my shirt now,” pointing out that the breast milk stain was still there.

Fans react to Kylie Jenner lactating on her shirt

Many fans loved how candid Kylie was in the video.

“I used to hate when I would leak through my shirt, so surprised Kylie showed it,” one fan commented with a heart emoji.

“The lactating part LMFAOOO I love you Kylie,” another fan wrote.

“The lactating Kylie I can relate to,” a third fan shared.

“This is why Kylie is a queen, she always keeps it real with us. Please never stop being you!” someone else added.

The makeup mogul and Travis Scott welcomed their second son in February, although they still haven’t shared his name. They are also parents to 4-year-old Stormi Webster.