KSI’s Reveals the Most Annoying Thing About the Fight With Logan Paul

The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing event lived up to the hype for many within the online entertainment scene.

Held on August 25 at the Manchester Arena, KSI vs Logan Paul was dubbed as the ‘Largest event in internet history’ leading up to the show match between the two YouTube titans.

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KSI and Paul duked it out in the ring for a total of six rounds, however, the bout ended in a draw after the decision was sent to the judge’s table.

While some believed that the match would not be close prior to it start, both competitors showed that they put the necessary work in beforehand which left many commenting on how entertaining the event was.

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Now that it is all said and done, KSI uploaded a video titled ‘My response to KSI vs Logan Paul’ where he provided some follow-up information regarding his time spent after the fight, and revealed the most ‘annoying’ thing about boxing Logan Paul.

“The most annoying thing about [Logan Paul] was him ‘clinching.’ He constantly clinched, man, it was so annoying. Then when I hit him with a big shot he would just cower and just hold on to me, and was obviously using his wrestling background to make sure I didn’t get away. And that’s why there were a few times during the fight I was shrugging him off and the referee was having a ‘go’ at me for that. But I was like, ‘yo, I need to do something, he’s trying to waste time.”

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The full video from KSI can be found below.