Logan Paul Explains Why He Believes He Won the Boxing Match vs KSI

Logan Paul and KSI’s epic YouTube boxing encounter may have ended in a draw, but the American firmly believes he should have had his hand raised on Saturday, August 25.

After the fight went the full six rounds, the judges scored the fight as a majority draw, leaving no clear winner at the end of the night.

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While KSI believes he won the fight, during a post fight interview with SecondsOut, Paul suggested that he did enough to have earned the victory during the bout.

“I thought I won. I thought it was 4-2. I 100%, hands down won the first two rounds, the third one was kinda… I thought I won round 5, for sure. That’s where I had the W and cinched it, so I’m not gonna lie, I cruised it in the sixth round.”

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Despite Paul’s own opinion that he won the fight, fans watching the felt like Paul tired quickly after a dominant first two rounds.

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The 23 year old agreed, stating that while he didn’t feel like he was breathing heavily, he felt that he wasn’t used to the energy expelled from throwing punches, even after five months of training.

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Logan was also very candid about how big a  challenge training for this fight was, and that he doesn’t yet feel like a boxer, saying “I’m not a fucking boxer, I’m a fucking YouTuber who tried to learn how to box in five months… This is a sport that people have dedicated their lives to, so trying to become a boxer in five months is very, very difficult.”

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With a rematch tentatively scheduled for early 2019, Paul believes the added experience he will gain from training will stand him in much better stead heading into the second fight against KSI.