Will KSI vs Logan Paul 2 have another YouTube fight? Promoter reveals all - Dexerto

Will KSI vs Logan Paul 2 have another YouTube fight? Promoter reveals all

Published: 26/Sep/2019 18:32 Updated: 26/Sep/2019 18:40

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to settle their beef once and for all in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch yet – but despite having an “all pro” undercard, promoter Eddie Hearn teased the possibility of future YouTuber matches.

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Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn revealed in an interview with Sky Sports Boxing that the YouTubers’ rematch would feature professional boxers, unlike their previous bout, which saw a slew of online entertainers on its undercard.

“We don’t want other YouTubers and celebrities,” Hearn explained. “…This is a chance for boxing to bring in new fans, and if we’re gonna bring them in, we need to show them the greatness of our sport.”


(Timestamp: 2:27 for mobile viewers)

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However, the promoter seemed to backrack on this statement after the rematch press conference on September 14, appearing to entertain the idea of Jake Paul fighting another YouTuber on the card – but his subsequent interview with The Sportsman says differently.

Despite considering the idea of a separate fight for Paul and another YouTuber later in the year, Hearn claimed that a single YouTube fight was enough for 2019, even revealing that other celebrities had approached him for a potential bout.

Logan Paul, InstagramKSI and Logan Paul are set to face off once more at the Los Angeles Staples Center on November 9.
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“I’ve had singers, sportstars saying ‘I’ll come on it’, but that’s not really what it’s about,” he said of the matter. “KSI and Logan Paul have both boxed before, and they are two huge names from that internet community. I think one fight will be enough for this year.”


While Hearn admitted that both KSI and Logan Paul “don’t know how to come across as fighters,” he compared their rematch to the WWE, stating, “Nobody has given them a helping hand and they’re grabbing the opportunity with both hands.”

REUTERS/Tom JacobsUnlike last year, the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch won’t feature any YouTubers on its undercard – despite pleading from Jake Paul.
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Hearn’s latest comments could come as a shock to Jake Paul, who pleaded with the promoter to let him have a spot on the undercard and the press conference, claiming that KSI had “excluded him from the narrative” of the fight.

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As it stands now, it looks like the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch will be the only major YouTuber boxing match to take place in 2019 – but with a slew of pro fights on the undercard, it promises to bring explosive actions to fans across the globe.