Jake Paul reveals how he “got fucked” by KSI for rematch undercard

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to throw down on November 9 in the internet’s most anticipated boxing rematch thus far - but the fight’s undercard is going “all pro,” and YouTuber Jake Paul isn’t happy about it.


While KSI and Logan Paul’s August 2018 bout featured a slew of fellow internet celebs on its undercard, this time, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn wants the fight to go pro, firmly denying any other YouTubers a chance at touching gloves in the ring.

Instead, only professional fighters will make an appearance on the undercard - a fact that Jake Paul claims he “got fucked” by, blaming the development on KSI.



Paul explained the issue in a video simply titled “phuck you KSI” on September 12, claiming that he won’t be part of the upcoming press conference on September 14 and that he was ultimately “excluded” from the KSI vs Logan Paul narrative.

“Through the grapevine, rumors say that KSI didn’t want me as part of the press conference because it was going to ‘steal his limelight,’” Paul stated. “Fuck you KSI. I cannot wait until we get the opportunity to fight. I’m going to fuck you up.”



The Team 10 co-founder went on to plead with Hearn to let him fight fellow YouTuber “Fouseytube” on the undercard, and even confirmed that he’d secured a pro boxing license for the bout.

“I’m taking it serious as fuck,” he continued. “I even turned into an actual pro boxer for this November 9 event. I don’t want any bullshit YouTube fights. The person I fight, I want to knock them out.”



That wasn’t the end of Paul’s request: he later uploaded a Tweet tagging Hearn, claiming that the promoter was “making a mistake” by not including him on the undercard.


Paul’s video follows news that American rapper Soulja Boy would be facing off with the YouTuber on the event’s undercard - a development that has now seemingly been proven untrue, further statements pending.

For now, fans and critics alike must wait for the fight’s official press conference on September 14 for official confirmation of fight participants - of which Jake Paul is apparently not a part at the time of writing.

Image Credit: Jake Paul, GFuel - YouTube