KSI reveals insane amount of money he’s lost to Bitcoin

Jacob Hale
ksi explains crypto losses

KSI has revealed the insane amount of money he put into bitcoin at the end of 2020 and, despite some gains, has made a tremendous loss.

Throughout 2021, the British YouTuber has become a huge cryptocurrency fan. He’s openly said that he’s made huge investments, making no secret in his desire to see success in the blockchain.

It’s not often we see big celebrities and influencers reveal the extent of their investments, but KSI was incredibly candid when appearing on a podcast.

Clearly pained by the progress he’s made in the crypto space, the entertainer revealed just how much he’s put in — and lost.

KSI blue lamborghini
KSI isn’t exactly struggling for money, but this has got to sting.

On reality star Jamie Laing’s Private Parts podcast, KSI didn’t hold back in detailing his woes in the crypto market.

“I put £2 million into Bitcoin last year, November/December,” he explained to hosts Laing and Alex Mytton, who immediately burst out laughing at the wild amount.

He continued: “I made £7 million… Now I’ve lost it all.”

Of course, he hasn’t actually lost it all — Bitcoin hasn’t crashed that badly. At its peak in April 2021, one BTC was worth around £46k, which is likely when he was up at that £7m figure. Now, the same coin is worth around £23k, so chances are he’s probably still made a fairly solid profit from his initial £2m investment.

It must be frustrating to realize how much money he could have made if he sold at the right time, but that’s definitely part and parcel of the crypto game.

It’s not like KSI needs the money either. On top of his YouTube success, he’s sold-out arenas for his influencer boxing matches, and his new album All Over the Place looks set to bring in a decent little windfall too.

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