FaZe Banks pays crypto scam victim over $10k in NFT and Ethereum

Jacob Hale
faze banks loosechangeInstagram: banks

Just a couple of weeks after FaZe Clan found itself embroiled in its own cryptocurrency scam scandal, co-owner Ricky Banks has paid someone in the community $10,000 in Ethereum and NFT assets after being scammed.

On July 1, FaZe Clan revealed that they removed Kay and suspended Teeqo, Jarvis and Nikan following crypto scam allegations. Only Kay has spoken publicly so far, explaining that he is going through the legal proceedings in a short video.

Their involvement in the Save the Kids altcoin invited some criticism to FaZe, despite the organization itself not being directly involved, and the involved members could allegedly be facing prison time and seven-figure fines.

While Banks suggested the door may never be fully closed for these creators with FaZe Clan, he has spoken a lot about his love for blockchain tech, NFTs and the crypto space. He even helped 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag pick out his $73k ‘The Thief’ CryptoPunk.

As such a huge fan and promotor of the crypto space, Banks saw a collector that got scammed on Twitter and decided to lend a helping hand.

“Super unfortunate stuff brother,” he said in response to fan Quill’s tweet. “He promised you a Bored Ape, a Cool Cat and .5 ETH? Saw you followed me so figured I’d make it right & restore balance in your wallet myself.

“Just transferred everything he promised to you. Keep them safe pls [sic], the package ran me 6 ETH.”

At the time of the transfer, six Ethereum would’ve been equal to around $11,600, though Banks would’ve also had to pay a gas fee on the coins and NFTs.

Needless to say, Quill was delighted and is even hosting an NFT giveaway to celebrate his great fortune in Banks paying him back.