Korean streamer HAchubby goes viral with exploding watermelon

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV]Twitch streamers ‘HAchubby’ and ‘Yuggie_TV’ tried their hand at the popular exploding watermelon challenge, but their attempt quickly went viral after a surprise twist prematurely ended the experiment.

The concept of the stunt is straightforward: Continuously add a couple of rubber bands around a watermelon until their combined pressure manages to bend which eventually makes the fruit explode. It’s a fun activity to see a hard-shelled object like a typical watermelon to distort as you’re adding more bands to it.

When the melon can’t take much more of the pressure, the experiment usually ends with an explosive conclusion. But that’s not exactly how HAchubby’s stream of the test went down.

The pair of streamers equipped a couple of helmets with protective visors to protect against any potential projectiles that were surely going to emanate from their two test subjects. The hour-long attempt saw them enthusiastically put on the first few dozen, while going at the same pace to see which one popped out first.

Twitch streamer HAchubby and Yuggie_TV doing exploding watermelon challenge
A moment before the watermelon experiment went wrong.

After a few moments of no visible changes, they started putting on the bands in small bundles to move along the process. Yuggie was filled with anticipation, even clamping hard on her melon to persuade it to explode, saying “stop stalling.”

Prematurely proclaiming herself as the winner of the challenge, Yuggie enlisted HAchubby’s help with her melon, since they gave up on the simultaneous endeavor. With the two streamers tacking on more bands, Yuggi grew increasingly impatient. According to HAchubby, the pair used nearly 500 rubber bands, but there still wasn’t any reaction.

Then, Yuggie can be seen bringing a knife from the background, since she was interested in “seeing how strong it is” by giving it a small chop.

As soon as the blade etched itself near the top, the force of the 500 bands collapsed, sending bits of the fruit’s red flesh flying from the erupted cavity.

The two streamers, a bit let down from the repetitive task of putting hundreds of bands on the fruit’s outer shell, were instantly brought back to life at the time of the explosion.

The clean-up process of the experiment left the pair of friends with a ball of bands and a huge mess from the maimed melon. If you attempt to recreate the experiment, take the appropriate precautions and pack hundreds of rubber bands for the test.