RiceGum secretly films Abby Rao’s furious reaction to “new crush” video

Instagram: rice, abbyrao

TikTok star Abby Rao has slammed ex-boyfriend RiceGum for posting a video with his “new crush” to their joint YouTube channel – and RiceGum shared audio of their phone call for his viewers to hear.

At the start of 2019, the pair started to frequently appear together and it became clear that they were a couple. They then broke up towards the tail end of the year and the relationship since has been very up and down.

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Now, though, it’s not looking great, as RiceGum has shown footage of him taking a phone call from Abby after he uploaded a new video to their joint channel – and she wasn’t happy with it.

ricegum and abby raoInstagram: rice
Rao clearly isn’t happy with what Rice is doing.

RiceGum, real name Brian Le, and Rao share a YouTube channel called FamilyGum, where they used to upload videos together throughout their relationship.

Obviously, with their breakup, the channel became obsolete – until RiceGum decided to upload a new video titled “We Broke Up So I’m Meeting My New Crush” on July 11, with a new girl that obviously wasn’t Abby.

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Naturally, Abby wasn’t impressed, and she called Rice after the upload to let him know that she didn’t appreciate it. What she probably didn’t expect, though, was that RiceGum would film the call and put it in his next YouTube upload.

“Bryan, what are you doing?” She asked when he finally answered her call. “Did you really f**king upload a video with that girl on FamilyGum? What is wrong with you?”

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Timestamp 1:21

After laughing at the ordeal and clearly not being sure how to respond, Le hangs up on Rao and leaves it at that.

In the video, Rice also says that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong and that he didn’t really have anything to say to Abby, and that she regularly “blows him up” with calls but he never responds.

Needless to say, Abby isn’t impressed with RiceGum’s actions, but it doesn’t look like he’s apologizing any time soon.

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