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KEEMSTAR Posts a Savage Roast of FouseyTUBE Featuring His Trademark Laugh

Published: 9/Aug/2018 15:14 Updated: 9/Aug/2018 15:25

by Vincent Genova


YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem roasted Yousef ‘FouseyTUBE’ Erakat with a tweet mocking the comments he made at Sneakercon LA.

The tweet features KEEMSTAR’s trademark laugh and references FouseyTUBE’s apparent name change to Rose.

FouseyTube was at SneakerCon introducing a musical act when he made a comment about his popularity.

By the way ya’ll can record this, post this on YouTube, get your YouTube channel poppin. Because if my name is in the title these days it will get you some views.

KEEMSTAR was recording a YouTube video that took Fousey’s advice, then he hilariously panned to the view count on the video.

Despite Fousey’s claims of his name getting a YouTube channel views, KEEMSTAR showed that the video only had 82 views.

Interestingly enough, KEEMSTAR may have added views to the video with his mocking tweet. The video in question shot up from 82 views to over 3,000 after the joke.

FouseyTUBE has been popular in the YouTube drama community lately for a series of bizarre stunts that have left some questioning his mental health.

He organized a rushed concert and misled attendees about the musical acts that would be there, implying Drake might show up. The event was ultimately cancelled after a bomb threat was called in.

FouseyTUBE announced that he has changed his name from Yousef to Rose, due to the events at his concert.


Vinnie Hacker lashes out at “manipulative” fans after TikTok fame

Published: 22/Jan/2021 7:20

by Andrew Amos


Vinnie Hacker has spoken out about the problems of TikTok stardom, saying some of his fans are “manipulative” and “controlling.” He echoed the sentiment that nobody is perfect, and that people should “live life and learn from it.”

The role models and idols of today appear almost out of nowhere thanks to social media. The medium also leads to a host of those celebrities being quite young.

One of them is Vinnie Hacker. The TikToker has over 5.7 million fans on the platform, as well as 2 million on Instagram. However, life in the limelight has come with its own set of problems. Hacker feels like he’s been forced to live to unreasonable standards put by his fans.

“Why do some people want to control my life. Telling me who I can and can’t talk to. Saying that you’ll only allow me to be with “this person.” Grow up. Don’t be manipulative,” he said in a TikTok.

“You preach against manipulation and then go on and make sure that they live a life that’s satisfying to you and not them. One mistake and a person’s career is over in this area of work.”

@imnotvinnie♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble – SelteMemset

“In the eyes of the internet, people are subjected to be role models. And people say to not set unnecessary standards for others, but wouldn’t you think a life without mistakes and growth and perfection is more of a high standard than learning and growing?”

He also said that once you get thrown into the social media machine, you can’t really pull yourself out. Ultimately, these stars live and die by their fans’ judgment.

“Once it gets past that breaking point to where someone becomes relevant, the assumptions come and get dragged along with them. Privacy is invaded and people try to tell them how to live their lives. You end up not being your own person, but the internet’s person.”

These comments come as Hacker takes a break from Twitch streaming to focus on his personal life.

“Taking a break from streaming for quite a while. I don’t really feel to explain. A lot of personal stuff, on top of the unfortunate stuff that happens whilst streaming. Something always goes wrong. I might begin again, I might not,” he said.