Karl Jacobs stunned after getting 5,000 Twitch subs in 8 minutes

Published: 18/Jan/2021 15:56

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber and streamer Karl Jacobs got emotional after Dream helped him reach an insane 5000 Twitch subs in just 8 mins, getting him to leave the room while they encouraged as many people to sub as possible.

One of the biggest communities to come out of 2020 has been the Dream SMP crew. The SMP is a survival multiplayer Minecraft server created by hugely popular creator and speedrunner Dream, with a heavy focus on complex roleplay.

Over time the server has managed to rack up a whole host of popular streamers such as the likes of TommyInnit & Quackity, and Karl Jacobs has now become a part of this community along with participating in many of MrBeast’s videos.

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Minecraft.net, Mojang, Microsoft Studios / dreambranding.com
The Dream SMP Minecraft server is full of many hugely popular streamers and YouTubers.

Many of these creators get likes and views like no other community, and it’s all thanks to their dedicated fanbase. This was one of those occasions where viewers came out in full force to give one of their favorite creators a nice surprise.

Karl had been streaming with Dream, Sapnap, and a few other members of the group when they decided to tell him to leave the room for around five minutes. He looked rather nervous, but followed instructions and left.

Once the door had shut, they started telling chat to sub to Karl in their masses. “Alright guys, listen. I want him to come back to the most subs, I don’t even know how many. Just literally, if you are ever planning to sub to Karl, sub right now.”

Naturally, the chat started to flood with subs at an insane rate, often totally uninterrupted by any other messages. Dream theorized that it could be insane if the streamer returned and found his original 16,000 subs had gone up to 20,000, but admitted it would be a big task.

When Karl returned he was floored by how many subs continued to pour in, and when he saw that he’d gone over 21,000 subs he couldn’t believe it. It took only about 8 minutes for his fans to pour their support in.


He got a little emotional over just how much support he received, and said “I promise I’m gonna do literally everything to make all those subs earned, and send messages of thanks to fans on his alt Twitter, saying “you guys mean so much to me.”

The feat was certainly an amazing one, with Karl, and even his own viewers, bewildered by the amount of subs they were able to drum up in such a short space of time.


Quackity hits two massive milestones on two channels in the same day

Published: 17/Jan/2021 17:08

by Georgina Smith


Streamer and YouTuber Quackity has managed to hit two huge follower milestones in the same day, reaching four million subscribers on his YouTube channel and two million followers on his Twitch.

The past year has seen creators who have been around on YouTube for a while experience an abrupt surge in popularity, scooping up a whole new wave of fans and participating in various types of new content that sends these creators viral.

In particular, the streamers participating in the Dream SMP – a multiplayer roleplay Minecraft server – have experienced a huge boost from the massive project, and are seeing unprecedented numbers on social media thanks to the dedicated fanbases involved.


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The rise of Quackity

One such creator is 20-year-old Quackity, real name Alexis, and while he’s been around on YouTube since 2013, has found a new boost in popularity, in part due to the Dream SMP and collaborations he’s done with other hugely popular creators.

In a satisfying turn of events, on January 17 Quackity managed to hit two major milestones on separate platforms, showing just how much his platform is growing.

The creator reached four million subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Quackity,’ and two million followers on his Twitch channel ‘QuackityHQ.’ On Twitter he wrote, “to hit these two goals in one day means the world to me, thank you guys so much.”

His fans were of course delighted, and along with many popular creators sent congratulations Quackity’s way. Fellow members of the Dream SMP including Tubbo and Karl Jacobs wrote some messages, along with several other streamers.

Quackity joined the Dream SMP back in August and has since played a key role in many of the significant events in the roleplay server’s timeline, much to his fan’s entertainment.

He has also collaborated with some huge creators like KSI and MrBeast, and got over nine million views for his video with them as part of his ‘Discord’s Got Talent series.

Hitting these milestones is a huge achievement, and hitting them on the same day has been double the excitement for Quackity and his fans, both new and old.