“Karen” calls cops on two black men for shoveling her side of the sidewalk

karen calls police on black men in viral tiktokTikTok/gregorymcadory

A “karen” is going viral after she called the police on two black men who shoved her side of the sidewalk after a snowstorm.

Have you ever tried helping a neighbor only for your act of kindness to completely backfire? That’s what happened to two black men when they removed snow from an elderly karen’s side of the street.

In a viral TikTok that has been viewed over 1.4 million times, Gregory Mcadory and his friend got into a heated argument with a woman next door that eventually needed police intervention.

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Luckily for the two, the issue completely backfired on the woman with the cops taking the side of the two men, but just look at what happens when they had the opportunity to press charges against her!

Woman goes viral after calling cops on snow shovelers

The viral video began in the midst of the confrontation with the woman putting snow back on the sidewalk after the two men had finished cleaning it up for her.

“So you’re mad because we cleaned up your sidewalk?!” one of the men asked perplexingly. “It’s a public sidewalk! We cleaned it up for you.”

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She then accused the two of trespassing on her property despite the sidewalk being public property and the men explaining that they were trying to help her.

Eventually, the woman got on the phone with the police and ended up coming a bit later, but it wasn’t exactly the response that she was hoping for.

Once the police pulled up, the two revealed that this wasn’t the first time the woman called the cops on them, saying that she called once before, because the snow was hitting her grass.

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“What do you want done about it?” a female officer asked. “Do you want her arrested?”

“Nah!” the son of the homeowner replied. “But if she does it again I’m gonna press charges! I’m tired of bullsh*t. All I did was help her out. What crime did we commit? I’m gonna give her a chance, but the next time I’m gonna press charges.”

The TikTok ended a bit later with all three officers talking to the woman, but it seemed like she was not happy and continued to yell across the street.

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It’s not known what happened after and Gregory has yet to provide an update, but hopefully, this is the last time the police will be called over literal snowflakes.