Kallmekris details “dangerous” stalker situation thats causing her to move

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TikToker and YouTuber Kallmekris has shared that she’s been involved with “dangerous” stalkers coming to her house, and they’re causing her to move.

In just a few years on TikTok, Kallmekris has managed to grow an audience of over 49,000,000 fans that have followed her across various social media platforms, including the nearly nine million subscribers she has on YouTube.

Known for her hilarious skits and acting prowess, all of Kris’ videos receive millions of views within hours of uploading them.

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On April 26, 2023, Kris uploaded a video on YouTube sharing that she has had to deal with “dangerous” stalkers at her house that are causing her to move.

Kallmekris is moving due to stalkers

In the video titled “We need to talk,” Kris revealed that she is about to move to a new house. After explaining that the background of her videos was going to change very soon, she went into detail as to what was prompting the move.

“Over the past year I’ve been dealing with stalkers and people that have found my house,” she revealed. “I’ve been in some pretty dangerous situations that I haven’t talked about just because I’ve been scared to talk about it because I didn’t want more happening.”

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Kris then revealed that people found her house and were flying drones above the property in the middle of the night on top of other things.

(Topic starts at 1:37 in the video)

In a comment on the video, Kris shared her appreciation for her fanbase as she also went into detail about her current mental health struggles.

“Can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for all your support over these past couple of years. I’m in awe every day of this positive and beautiful community,” she said.

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Kris explained that she will be quite a bit more private in the new house to prevent being in a similar situation, making it clear that she won’t upload a house tour video for those curious.

She’s not the only influencer to detail struggles with stalkers recently. Notably, IRL Twitch streamer Jinny recently dealt with one following her during a broadcast.

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