Julia Fox divides viewers after sharing parenting advice on TikTok

Kawter Abed
Julia Fox

Julia Fox’s viral video giving controversial parenting advice has left viewers divided on TikTok.

In a viral TikTok video, which has almost 3 million views, the ‘Uncut Gems’ actress gave some parenting tips to her 316,000 followers.

She shared her philosophy on “the concept of childhood,” and made a comment that parents should buy their children cleaning supplies instead of toys.

“I think that the idea of childhood was invented as a way to just get parents to spend a lot of money on sh*t that’s… not really teaching your kid anything,” the mother of one shared. “You just end up kind of raising a kid that’s like helpless and doesn’t know what to do.”

She noted that her son doesn’t care about his toys, and advised parents to buy their children cleaning supplies, such as a broom or a mop.

“I found that with my son, he doesn’t care about his toys, and he is actually more interested in like what I’m doing,” she shared. “So I suggest that everyone buy their kid a mini-mop and mini-broom and start teaching them those life skills really young, so when they enter the real world they don’t have to outsource for everything.”

Julia concluded: “And they know how to do things for themselves. I think that’s really important.”

TikTok divided over Julia Fox’s parenting advice

Thousands of TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the model’s parenting tips.

“Completely agree my son has been doing electric work in our home since he was 1.5 yrs,” one parent quipped.

“Yes, everyone always compliments my daughters vocabulary/speech and it is because i have always conversed with her like a human, not a helpless being,” another one shared.

Some people disagreed with Julia however, and criticized her advice.

“Giving kids toys that don’t necessarily have a purpose (to us) isn’t ‘pointless,’ it aids in their cognitive/physical development! Toys aren’t useless,” someone wrote.

“I would argue that the concept of childhood is more about protecting people at the most vulnerable stage of their life than selling products?” another one added. “Sounds like child labor,” a third user commented.

Julia responded to the criticism by sharing a video of her with her 19-month-old son Valentino. She asked her baby “Do you work in a labor camp?” In response, he buried his face in his mom’s lap, prompting her to say, “The answer is no.”

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