Joe Rogan loves Dead or Alive, thinks Marie Rose is “hot”

Joe Rogan likes DoAYouTube: PowerfulJRE / Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo

Joe Rogan admitted that he’s a big fan of the Dead or Alive franchise — and says he has a soft spot for one of the series’ female characters, Marie Rose.

Joe Rogan’s comments on video games have garnered quite a bit of consternation from gamers in the past. Back in 2020, the UFC color commentator notably called video games a “problem” and a “waste of time.”

Rogan also claimed that he couldn’t play them anymore due to issues with gaming addiction — but it looks as though he’s still able to get in a session or two from time to time.

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The podcast host opened up on video games once again during a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, where he admitted that he played a few rounds of the fighting game series ‘Dead or Alive’ with his daughter.

Joe Rogan enjoys playing Dead or Alive

“I play, what’s that karate game? Was it Dead or Alive? It’s a f*ckin’ great karate game. Where you get to pick all these different [characters]. And my daughter kept jacking me up.”

“She was using this little lady, and this little lady does this little fast move. She spins around and kicks you in the head. My daughter kept f*ckin’ me up. She f*cked me up like three times. She was so happy, and I was so upset with myself. I was like, ‘I can’t believe it.'”

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Marie Rose fighting BaymanKoei Tecmo, Team Ninja

One of Rogan’s assistants pulled up a screenshot from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, one of the more recent installations in the fighting game franchise, showing a pic of Marie Rose trading blows with Bayman.

“That’s that girl,” Rogan said, instantly recognizing the character. “She’s hot as f*ck. Dead or Alive, that’s it. It’s a f*ckin’ great game. It’s so addictive.”

That’s not all; Rogan, being an avid martial arts “fanatic,” even claimed that combat sports enthusiasts “can use some martial arts strategy in that game if you know good techniques.”

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While Rogan has been critical of games in the past and has steered clear of them in order to protect himself from addiction, it looks like he can still enjoy them in small amounts from time to time — and even put his martial arts knowledge to good use.