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Joe Rogan explains why some of the “worst movies” are actually so good

Published: 24/Apr/2020 14:02

by Daniel Cleary


Popular stand-up comedians Joe Rogan and Kurt Metzger have explained why some of the “worst movies” ever can actually be good to watch during his April 23 podcast.

Outside of his roles as UFC commentator and professional stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan has built a massive audience on his popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.

During his latest episode of the hit show alongside fellow comic Kurt Metzger, Rogan explained why film critics and reviews don’t accurately portray how enjoyable a movie might be to watch.

Joe Rogan, YouTube
Joe Rogan claims that some of the “worst movies” ever are actually quite entertaining.

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The podcast host explained that many of the worst movies can actually be quite entertaining when they are not being judged by certain criteria.


“Some of the best things are bad things that are good by accident,” Joe explained, before bringing up the 2003 romantic drama, The Room, as a prime example.

“To make a thing that is watchably bad, that is a beautiful thing that can rarely happen,” Metzger added before they looked at the film’s reviews.

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While Tommy Wiseau’s The Room did not impress critics, with some media outlets even labeling it as one of the “worst movies ever”, Rogan explained that it had a lot to do with expectations surrounding it before its release.

“But it’s amazing because it’s real. It’s the worst movie because they’re trying to make a good movie, it’s not the worst movie to watch,” he explained.


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Metzger followed up claiming that despite what it may have lacked in execution, movies such as The Room often provide a unique entertainment factor that is worth experiencing.

“When they say worst, it’s watchable but it’s not boring, I think it’s real lightning in a bottle. It’s the best [film] to go to a theater of people with, because of people shouting at the screen,” he claimed, highlighting that seeing others react to a movie’s most ridiculous moments can be hilarious by itself.

While the pair’s claims are unlikely to hold true for many of the poorly-rated flicks, some titles such as The Room could actually be worth the watch.