Joe Rogan explains why he’d reject any boxing or MMA fight offers

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Joe Rogan has explained why he couldn’t be tempted into taking an exhibition fight even though people older than him are stepping back into the boxing ring. 

For years, boxing and martial arts have been used by influencers and celebrities as a way to try and prove themselves as an athlete. Though, if you’re not Jake Paul, it usually doesn’t go to plan.

Seeing as he’s got a pretty big background in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has a massive fanbase, Joe Rogan has regularly popped up as a name that some people want to see step into the ring for an exhibition fight. Some fans even want to see him take on Jake Paul inside the Octagon.

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While Rogan has praised the exhibition events – regularly talking up Mike Tyson’s return to the ring – he’s got no interest in taking part himself, and the reason why is pretty simple.

Spotify/Joe Rogan
Rogan’s podcast regularly covers a wide-range of topics, including fighting.

The UFC commentator was speaking with Ali Siddiq on episode 1825 of the Joe Rogan Experience when the pair touched on the topic of Floyd Mayweather’s recent exhibition with Don Moore.

After praising how entertaining the whole thing was, Siddiq asked Rogan if he had any interest in doing something similar, but the podcast host quickly shut it down.

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“No! I’m too banged up and I’m too old. I’m not interested anymore,” Rogan said before his guest said he’d have an advantage based on muscle memory alone. “Yeah, probably… I could f**k some people up but I’m not interested,” he concluded.

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Rogan has, in the past, spoken about competing in grappling events, but they’re a whole different beast to strapping on the gloves and getting into the ring or the Octagon.

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While his competitive side might still have that fire, don’t expect him on a stacked boxing card with Jake Paul anytime soon, sadly.

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