Joe Rogan explains why he rarely uses “poisoned” Twitter

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan talking to camera with Twitter logo

Podcast giant Joe Rogan pops up on Twitter from time to time, and he’s got one specific use for the platform these days as he thinks it has been “poisoned” over the years.

While he has got his own massive outlet with the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Joe Rogan maintains a presence on main of the most popular social media platforms out there.

The UFC commentator’s Instagram posts regularly bemuse fans and spark plenty of conversation as he uploads some weird and wacky photos. When it comes to Twitter, though, he uses that more to advertise his comedy gigs and share news articles.

Even though he was pretty active on Twitter when he first signed up, Rogan has taken a step back from it, and it has been a while since he posted something other than advertising one of his shows. Though, that doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping an eye on things.

Joe Rogan reveals his sole reason for using Twitter

During episode 1855 of the JRE Podcast, Rogan was speaking with Substack creator Chris Best when the pair came on to the topic of Twitter and discussed its success over the last few years as the podcast host gave an insight into his scrolling habits.

“I go on Twitter once a day, maybe twice a day, just to see what kind of s**t the monkeys are throwing at each other. It seems like a mental institution sometimes,” Rogan said.

“I see people arguing over things and things are trending that have zero impact on my life. I don’t understand why people are putting so much attention to it, but it seems like the recreational outrage that comes about because of Twitter is one of the most addictive things I’ve ever witnessed people take part in.”

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The podcast host further noted that he refuses to check his mentions these days. “I just think it’s too poisoned,” Rogan added.

As noted, he hasn’t completely turned his back on Twitter, seeing as he still posts from time to time, and has urged Elon Musk to complete a takeover of the social media platform. Though, don’t expect to see him hopping on a trending topic any time soon.