Jinny left stunned after IRL kids tell her to join Twitch hot tub meta

Jinny Twitch Hot Tub PoolTwitch: Jinny / Wikimedia Commons

Jinny was stunned after some IRL kids innocently told her she should “buy a pool” and stream while she’s in it, a sign that knowledge about the Twitch hot tuba meta has spread far and wide.

Jinny is no stranger to being shocked over bizarre incidents happening on her IRL streams. She’s seen it all, from a disgusting encounter with racists to having someone try to sell her drugs.

Fortunately, not all her experiences are grim. Sometimes they’re hilarious, too – like when she got attacked by a wild deer. But a recent incident that saw some kids kindly tell her to join the hot tub meta falls somewhere in between.

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It seems like just about everyone has heard of the Twitch hot tub meta.

First, the kids asked her if she was “rich.” Jinny laughed, explaining that she has “enough money to travel.”

Then, they told her that she should “buy a pool” because they’re “really fun” and you can “swim.” But things took a hilarious turn when they added, “And you can stream while you’re in the pool!”

Jinny responded with an awkward nod and an eyebrow raise. Perhaps she brushed it off as an innocent comment, which it could have been.

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However, it’s also a stark reminder that knowledge about the hot tub meta and the new Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category has spread far and wide among kids people who use the site, including kids.

Jinny did laugh about it afterwards too: “They know the meta!”

Of course, the kids meant no ill-will. There’s a chance it was merely coincidental, and they don’t know about the hot tub meta at all.

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However, there’s also a chance they do, and that’s exactly what many feared, including Malena ‘Malena’ Tudi, who said, “What happens when a 13-year-old does this? The website will get a whole different type of reputation.”

Amazon seem to have wised up to this too; they made a big move to de-partner Indiefoxx for her role in the recent metas, following her sixth ban of the year.

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