JiDion ‘deletes Twitter account’ after MrBeast ‘ratios’ him in under 10 minutes

Brad Norton
MrBeast next to JiDion

YouTube star JiDion pledged to delete his Twitter account if anyone on the platform could ‘ratio’ him. In just a matter of minutes, MrBeast accomplished the task, forcing JiDion’s hand, though he didn’t quite live up to his promise.

Everyone loves a good ratio on Twitter. Well, everyone except JiDion in this instance. Confident enough in his following to believe “no one” could pile up more likes than him, the YouTuber issued a challenge on August 30.

“If someone ratios me, I’ll delete my Twitter,” he posted. While the original tweet itself quickly exploded with tens of thousands coming to support him, MrBeast soon took the lead.

“Easy,” he replied just moments later. “I’ll give someone that likes this tweet $10,000.” In just a few quick minutes, MrBeast had more than doubled JiDion’s like-count on Twitter.


Seemingly facing the music, JiDion followed up to confirm he’d be “deleting Twitter on tonight’s stream because of this monster.” Though even after agreeing to the terms, he had other plans in mind once thousands were tuned in live.

“You see these tears? They’re all caused by MrBeast,” he joked at the start of his YouTube broadcast. Playing up the situation, he swore to “never watch a MrBeast video ever again” due to the overwhelming ratio.

Going through the steps and seemingly preparing to deactivate his account, it appeared for a moment that JiDion was serious. His Twitter account with over half a million followers looked to be on the verge of deletion, but in typical JiDion fashion, it proved to be nothing more than one big bait.

JiDion deletes Twitter
JiDion did follow through and delete a Twitter account. Just not the one he wagered.

After deactivating an account on stream for all to see, the deed had been done. But as he soon revealed, it wasn’t the main ‘Jidion6’ Twitter account he’d erased. “I said I’d delete my Twitter. I didn’t say which one.”

So when all was said and done, JiDion technically held up his end of the bargain, just not how anyone expected. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen who won the $10,000 reward from MrBeast. We’ll be sure to update you here if the stakes are raised in light of JiDion’s bait.

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