Jeffree Star called out for “tone-deaf” California fires post

Georgina Smith
Jeffree Star on his private jet
Instagram: Jeffree Star / Twitter: Jeffree Star

YouTuber and business mogul Jeffree Star has come under criticism after he posted a picture of him in a private plane saying he was leaving to get away from the California fires because of his asthma, with many people calling it insensitive.

There’s no denying that a large part of Jeffree Star’s appeal as a YouTube personality is his enormous wealth. His ridiculously luxurious mansions have made for enviable house tours, and his extensive business and industry knowledge only helped skyrocket the intrigue about him.

His feature in Shane Dawson’s ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’ series seemed to only escalate the interest in the beauty personality, but also his overall popularity.

However, this extreme wealth and popularity undoubtedly has some nasty side effects.

Twitter: ShaneDawson
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star released their highly successful “Conspiracy” makeup collaboration in late 2019.

It has appeared that the honeymoon phase has been over for a while now, ever since both Shane and Jeffree were embroiled in various scandals that had them uploading apology videos and losing subscribers fast.

People were distinctly less enthusiastic about Jeffree’s wealth when he uploaded a picture of him sitting on the steps of his private jet on Twitter, the caption reading “time to head to Wyoming and get away from the fires for a few days. My asthma is not having it.”

This comes in the wake of the fires in California that are said to be caused by a gender reveal gone wrong. According to the BBC, the El Dorado fire has burned over 7000 acres of land and counting, leading to poor air quality and dangerous living conditions for many.

Twitter users were furious at his unnecessary comment, taking to the replies of the now-deleted tweet to express their frustration and disappointment.

One user said: “wow good for you. Could have just left the bit about the fires out. Most people don’t get to just leave on a private jet. Just stinks of you rubbing it in others’ faces.” Other replies called the post “beyond tone-deaf.”

Another commented on his inability to see the bigger picture, saying “while you’re worried about your asthma people are losing their homes and their lives. If only everyone had their very own private jet to fly away from the fires for a few days.”

Jeffree later went on to delete his original tweet but has not yet made any further comments, though has kept the videos on his Instagram story of him posing inside the jet.