Jared Leto ‘mesmerized’ by Hololive’s Shirakami Fubuki during Vtuber Morbius interview


Hard on the press circuit with interviews promoting his newest film ‘Morbius’, Jared Leto had an iconic encounter with Shirakami Fubuki. The bi-lingual interview, with the VTubers questions and banter in Japanese, and Jared Leto’s replies in English, is impossible to stop watching.

Watching Jared Leto trying to comprehend exactly what is going on, and his developing reactions throughout the interview make this a one-of-a-kind experience.

From the initial “wow” muttered under Leto’s breath, it’s clear he is mildly unprepared for the interview. What follows is nothing short of wholesome chaos.

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As described by Washington Post’s Gene Park, the full interview is “as uncomfortable as it is delightful.”

Finding himself lost for words early on in the interview Jared is visibly stunned by the experience, asking early on “can I ask, is that a tail? or is that your hair in the back.”

After Fubuki-chan’s response prompts Leto to say “ah, hair and a tail, best of both worlds,” the anime fox-girl lets loose with a larger question about what the experience on set was like.

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Flubbing his words, Leto ignores the question replying “yeah, it really is such a unique character, it’s uh, mes-mu… mesmerizing. So, uh, anyway, I forgot the question.”

Potentially caught off guard by the translation process, you can see the actor with a wide-eyed slack jaw for much of the interview, but this doesn’t stop him from throwing his own spanners into the works.

Responding to a question about superpowers, Jared stone-facedly asserts he already has the ability of flight, claiming “learning to fly took a lot of dedication, lot of time. I’m getting pretty good now, I can stay up for about 20-30 minutes.”

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Continuing with attempts to derail the interview, Leto offers a bizarre mixture of flirtation and nutrition advice when asked about how he got his body into super-hero shape for Morbius.

Telling the hololive interviewer: “you look pretty strong too, you just have to work out and eat well. I don’t know what your diet consists of, maybe mice? And small birds, but uh, that always helps. Keep your protein intake in”

Closing out the interview, Jared shows active shock at the penultimate question, letting loose an excited “oooh” in response to the Hololive superstar. He finished the oddball interaction with “you learn something new every day, you sound like my kind of fox.”

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