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Japanese Rainbow Six coach calls himself fat and beatboxes during bizarre interview

Published: 20/May/2019 10:32 Updated: 20/May/2019 10:51

by Connor Bennett


Fans who tuned into Rainbow Six Siege’ Pro League finals were greeted with a hilariously bizarre celebration as the location for the next premier event on the calendar was finally revealed.

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At plenty of esports events, developers and tournament organizers are usually handed the opportunity to announce some upcoming game updates and locations of new events to get fans excited about the future of the scene.

That was no different during the Season 9 Pro League finals in Milan, as it was revealed that the tenth installment of the Rainbow Six finals event would be heading to Japan – prompting wild celebrations from fans.


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UbisoftG2 Esports are the dominant force in Siege esports.

However, none of them matched the excitement of Yasuhiro ‘kizoku’ Nishi, who took on the mantle of welcoming the Siege world to his home country in an incredibly unique, yet strange, manner.

“I’m so happy,” screamed the PET Nora-Rengo coach and owner, explaining his delight at having a major event taking place in Japan. “Japanese Siege community is very, very big,” he added. Yet, things started to take an even stranger twist as kizoku carried on by mocking himself. “And, my stomach is big too!”

However, the increasingly bizarre interview didn’t stop just there. Kizoku immediately broke into a rap, prompting the interviewer to give him the floor as he celebrated “sushi” with some quick bars and a few taps of his stomach, too, for good measure.


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Things came back down to earth as the popular Siege personality dropped a relatively normal message of support for all the players and fans who make the trip to his homeland – before signing off with a screech of ‘arrivederci’ to the Italian fans in attendance.

The tenth running of the Rainbow Six finals Pro League Finals will get underway in November, giving pros plenty of time to grit their teeth in the game’s upcoming updates as they battle to make it to Japan for the premier event.

It also gives Kizoku plenty of time to come up with his next set of crazy antics, which he will probably ramp up to the next level considering he’ll be representing his nation on home turf.