Dr Disrespect has perfect response to rude teammates after they try to roast him

Popular Fortnite Battle Royale or his jaw-dropping plays in Apex Legends.

Yet, it is his outbursts that garner the most attention. The ‘Two-Time’ is no stranger to trash talking enemies or even his teammates while streaming to his viewers – especially when someone tries to mock him.

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G FUELThe Doc is one of the most popular Twitch streamers around.

That’s exactly what happened during his May 17 stream, as he dipped his toe back into Rainbow Six Siege and joined up with a teammate of extremely rude teammates who tried to have a laugh at the Doc’s expense.

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“You sound like Dr Disrespect and I have no respect, you know what I’m saying,” started one of the teammates when the streamer tried to communicate in-game. Another followed up with: “Because he cheated on his wife?” prompting laughs from the two players before the streamer grew tired of their backchat.

The Doc, who has heard all the jokes before, hit back with: “I know man. Nice one though Jaylen – thinking outside of the box. Foreskin, right?” Instead of letting the attention-seeking players take over his stream, the Doc muted them and carried on with his game.

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“Desperate for attention losers. What can you do?” added the Doc once the game had restarted and he finally didn’t have to worry about any other outbursts from his in-game teammates.

In a different situation, the two-time probably would have taken the rude players on but, clearly, he wasn’t in the mood to even lay down some of his own incredible entertaining trash talk that he has used to savage many a player during his time streaming.