Jake Paul’s “dangerous” boxing style might be advantage in Tommy Fury fight

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury side-by-side making fistsInstagram: Jake Paul/Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury’s former training partner and UFC star Tom Aspinall believes that Jake Paul is a “dangerous” fight for his fellow Brit, given his “erratic” fighting style. 

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were finally set to settle their long-standing feud back in December, as a highly-anticipated fight between the pair was brokered. Though, a late set of injuries to Tommy saw the fight canceled.

Even though Jake has stated that he’d rather fight Tommy in a few years’ time, it looks like the fight may finally be happening in August, after boxing promoter Eddie Hearn claimed that it was all ironed out.

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As of now, the fight hasn’t been officially announced, but if it is, the YouTuber-turned-boxer presents a dangerous proposition for Fury – that’s according to UFC star Tom Aspinall, who used to train with the Fury camp.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedInstagram/Jake Paul
Jake Paul was slated to take on Tommy Fury last year.

The UFC heavyweight contender appeared on The Fellas podcast and dove into his history with Tommy, before being asked for his thoughts on Jake’s boxing skills, and whether a fight between the two long-time rivals might finally happen.

“From what I’ve seen, which is minimal of Jake Paul, I think Tommy has got the skills to beat him but I don’t think it’s a pushover fight,” Aspinall said, noting that Jake needs to be “taken seriously” as a fighter.

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“There are actually some skills there and he’s quite dangerous. His style is quite erratic and he’s got some power, so I don’t think it’s as smooth sailing as people might think it is (for Tommy).”

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The UFC heavyweight contender added that he “respects” Jake as he has some “natural talent for fighting,” but he can’t just get by paying for top trainers. There is serious work that needs to be done, but he’s got positives in his corner.

As noted, it looks like the fight will finally happen in August after long last, but it remains to be seen as to when we’ll get official confirmation. Once that happens, then the trash talk should kick up another level.

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